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B. “Quincy” Cabell V

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IMAG0955_meB. Quincy Cabell is a technologist, specializing in consulting for cutting-edge startup companies and small to medium-sized businesses / tech companies.

He can keep your organization one step ahead, leading web development teams in the creation of custom web applications, dynamic websites, and the building of responsive web / online communities. He finds the actionable order hiding within every project’s complexity. He will use his ingenuity, resourcefulness, problem solving, and software development skills to help your business thrive.  He is hands on and uses his knowledge / experience as a full stack web software engineer and web developer to lead creative, modern web software projects by example, building software.

For 15+ years he has been the principal architect for cross-browser front-end web development, back-end (server-side) web development, desktop and mobile development (using object oriented design, as appropriate). For numerous successful companies he has developed standards-based web applications using open source coding, commercial off the shelf solutions, and frameworks; these custom built applications (some enterprise) support high traffic (high page views) and massive multi-user demand (millions of unique users per month). He has pioneered techniques that leverage the wisdom of the crowd while blending it with the reliability of authoritative data sets.

He has had the opportunity to help small businesses and non-profit organizations revolutionize their online presence, encouraging them to reinvent themselves and reinvest in their relationship with their users.

He enjoys the perpetual education that is the world of web development using technologies and paradigms that are forever shifting.


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