what kind of clever are you? (we’re building a web 2.0 site in php)

are you an inventor, artist, logician, or philosopher, who expresses himself/herself in code? for many, programming is just a job, a skill they learned because it provided a secure future, and something they now do to receive a paycheck. for others, programming is a creative outlet, it creates functional art, an executable poem. programming can be a calling; we choose to do this, we wouldn’t be as happy doing anything else.

we need like minded souls. you’ll need to be clever (a certain shade of brilliant), passionate, and possess a certain depth. we need people prepared for the challenge, with skills and experience that will lend themselves well to a web 2.0 site with all the whiz-bang flummery that that much overused term suggests (ajax, dhtml, rich community features/content).

what sort of person are you? have you stayed up all night prototyping some idea you had because you just couldn’t go to bed until you’d done it? did you return the extra $10 the cashier accidentally gave you in change? have you gone to a movie with your girlfriend but couldn’t stop trying to figure out what was causing a particular bug in your software? have you rescued a dog from an animal shelter?

do you want to work with a team of like minded fellows on interesting stuff?

we’re a startup. we’re building something pretty cool. we’ve got a couple good people already on board, and an excellent opportunity. we’re looking for the right sort of programmers. we care more about who you are than what experience you possess; experience is easier to gain than personality is to alter.

how much do we pay? how much do you know? we ain’t rich, but we’re open minded.

full time positions. must be in los angeles area and be willing to commute to venice, ca as necessary (several times a week). internships possible.

tell us about yourself.


We take certain playful liberties with the foundational and cultural history of our company. But on technical matters, we tell no tales.