A collection of some of Otto von Besiex’s most famous quotes.

  • “True success is a like a bastard child, something you love without entirely being prepared to call your own.”
  • “Fear nothing in this world, but soberly avoid doing many unwise things.”
  • “I hire only the best, for it is only the best men who deserve and can accept the responsibility of our greatness.”
  • “The moderately intelligent among us are a blessing, the less than intelligent an absolute delight, and the intelligent a worthy and virtuous plague.”
  • “Technology perverts man’s nature, but it is a necessary perversion as we are were given spirits unsuitable the earth we inherited.”
  • “My son will do what I have not failed to do, be who I have only dimly imagined I could be. I pray that he will make peace with his place in the world better than I. Happiness is the hardest thing to achieve when you posess a mind always suggesting how the world could be.”
  • “Gentlemen, you have brought to this world of limitations a flicker of the infinite.”

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