Ipertur Launched in Open Beta

On April 28, 2014, in News, by admin

Our latest creation, Ipertur, is now in open beta!

Ipertur is startup providing a software and hardware based personal digital billboard with telepresence features, that helps friends, family, telecommuters, and others feel connected to the people, places, and information they want.

Ever wished you lived next door to your best friend or closest relative? Busy lives may still prevent you from being active in their daily lives, but glimpses you may catch of them through your windows let you feel the pulse of their life, and they yours. And whenever you want you can throw open your window and engage them in live conversation. Ipertur makes this possible, virtually. Ipertur is a deeply personal social network. At its core Ipertur uses your laptop, tablet, or dedicated Ipertur hardware device to create a virtual, two-way window connecting you with those closest to you. Short, silent, looped video peeks, generated at timed intervals and/or in response to motion, represent the glimpses you might catch through a real window. These passively informative glimpses often give you the vital context necessary to encourage the live video chat Ipertur also provides. Tools like Skype only tell me my friend has his computer on and most likely forgot to mark himself as ‘away’, but Ipertur lets me see that friend in his kitchen right now, making another batch of his famous home brewed beer. It re-connects us, informs us, and makes our live video chats easy and frequent. Ipertur also operates as a digital billboard, showing content from apps you’ve configured, as well as apps your friends have configured. My friend sees my latest Flickr photos, I see his latest Facebook posts, I see my local five day weather forecast, my Google Calendar events, the latest news headlines, my Twitter feed, and much more. Ipertur can help friends stay in touch, can help families look after each other, can help people monitor their house/work when they are away, can help pet owners monitor their pets, and can help telecommuters be present at work.

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Ipertur Chrome Extension Released

On April 5, 2014, in News, by admin

We are please to announce the launch of our Ipertur Chrome extension. Install it today to experience the best Ipertur experience!


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